Mary London Szpara


20 year Radio veteran, Mary London was a well respected rock and roll DJ, Music Director and Program Director  who shared her  love of music and music trivia with her husband as well as listeners. Her interviewing skills were as legendary as her passion for the music was audible. When the radio industry changed, she took a new direction and DJ became a voice actor and freelance copy-writer. She booked and managed bands on a local and regional level, and released two metal compilations albums that were well received in Europe on radio and in the metal press. She worked with talented musicians in jazz and blues. She has never stepped away from her love of music and remains active in the music industry today. 

Although music has been her first career love, writing has played no small role. She drew upon her skills to dream up radio skits, applied the creative juices to bios and press kits for her bands. Later it evolved into unique concepts designed for radio, TV and print advertising campaigns for clients when she formed her ad agency Londonvox Productions Inc. A natural mimic, she continues to use her vocal expertise on national, regional and local campaigns. A savvy audio editor and producer, she has a knack for theatre of the mind. Her ease with words led her to express her innermost thoughts with the death of her husband Michael.  

It became her salvation as she put her pen to paper to voice the loss of her soul-mate.

The Loss World is a personal journey through grief. It was released in 2013. 

"I never thought I would be an author much less a playwright. How is it that such a devastating personal loss can bring words that may heal others?"  

Kelly Zirbes



Kelly Zirbes, a/k/a Kelly Z of Kelly's Lot singer/songwriter from Los Angeles began collaborating with Mary London Szpara on a one woman show for 2018. 

Growing up listening to her mother sing was the inspiration Kelly found to become a songwriter. Her first memory of music was her mother's voice as she sang along with records late at night. In her teens Kelly dealt with what she felt and saw in others by writing songs about it. She wrote songs of disappointment, pain, loss, loneliness and so much more but always of survival which was something her mom taught her to do no matter what. Kelly uses music to help ease the sorrows of the life she sees around her, to stay strong and to find a way to understand a life that sometimes makes no sense. Kelly’s songs always make her listeners smile as they find a way to understand their own struggles through her lyrics and music. Kelly Z released her first solo project, 'Rescue' in October of 2017.   She has numerous albums with Kelly's Lot, all available on iTunes, including "Bittersweet" (2017) "Don't Give My Blues Away" (2014)  "Plain Simple Me" (2012)  "Live in Brussels" (2015) "Pastrami and Jam" (2009) "The Light" (2008)

Kelly is currently working on a new album project for release in 2019.