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The Loss World Monologues (TLWM) 2.0

TLWM 2.0 will feature new monologues and existing monologues from London Szpara plus new music created specifically for TLWM by Kelly and music from her Kelly's Lot release Bittersweet    


"The Loss World Monologues 2.0" A Performance of Music and Spoken Word 

Singer/Songwriter, Kelly Z collaboration with Playwright/Producer/Graphic Artist/Voice Actor, Mary London Szpara

Gastonia, N.C. – It's Season 3 of Creative Pollinators and Los Angeles' ownSinger/Songwriter, Kelly Zirbes, aka Kelly Z, will be in town to accompany Playwright/Producer/Graphic Artist/Voice Actor, Mary London Szpara to present "The Loss World Monologues" - A Performance of Music and Spoken Word on Thursday, September 20, 2018 at the Gastonia Conference Center - 145 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Way (formerly S. Marietta St.) Gastonia NC 28052 .  Doors open at 6:30PM and Kelly Z and Mary London will take the stage at 7PM.  An in depth Q&A will follow their performance. Refreshments are served during the networking portion of the evening. 

 Seating is limited RSVP ~ at http://bit.ly/2tJyEWO or call (704) 853-ARTS. 

More September 2018 Performance Dates in LA and North Carolina to be announced

Kelly Z

The Loss World Monologues one woman show!   

Kelly Zirbes, a/k/a Kelly Z of Kelly's Lot singer/songwriter from Los Angeles is collaborating with Mary London Szpara on a one woman show for 2018.

 Growing up listening to her mother sing was the inspiration Kelly found to become a songwriter. Her first memory of music was her mother's voice as she sang along with records late at night. In her teens Kelly dealt with what she felt and saw in others by writing songs about it. She wrote songs of disappointment, pain, loss, loneliness and so much more but always of survival which was something her mom taught her to do no matter what. Kelly uses music to help ease the sorrows of the life she sees around her, to stay strong and to find a way to understand a life that sometimes makes no sense. Kelly’s songs always make her listeners smile as they find a way to understand their own struggles through her lyrics and music. Kelly Z released her first solo project, 'Rescue' in October of 2017.   She has numerous albums with Kelly's Lot, all available on iTunes, including "Bittersweet"(2017) "Don't Give My Blues Away"(2014)  "Plain Simple Me" (2012)  "Live in Brussels"(2015) "Pastrami and Jam"(2009) "The Light" (200 8)

The Loss World Monologues 2.0 at Gaston Arts Council's Creative Pollinators

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Mary London Szpara

 Mary London's writing journey began after the death of her husband which resulted in her journaling to express her thoughts and emotions and the book “The Loss World” was the end result. It was released in 2013. "I never thought I would be an author much less a playwright. How is it that such a devastating personal loss can bring words that may heal others?" states Mary London.


About "The Loss World"
"The Loss World" is a personal journey of growth and healing. Its based on the journals the author began after the death of her husband. With her soul-mate gone, she was cast adrift and needed to find a foundation for mending the tear left inside. Its remembering the struggles and appreciating them for the wisdom they ultimately provided. There are life lessons and self discovery. "The Loss World" evokes tears and laughter, along with thoughtful observations on everyday moments we encounter. It will leave you wiser, sadder and yet filled with hope. "The Loss World" is ultimately a triumphant and personal reflection of inner strength and courage through time. Grief is a journey each one of us must travel. The segments are thought provoking and will open the door to discussion about relationships, and loss. The Loss World is a beautifully written book that cherishes love and encourages healing in the individual time. It defines the sadness and solitude and still makes room for joy and humor. "The Loss World" is a love story not hindered by death.

The Book ~ The Play

Healing Grief

The Loss World began simply as a journal through grief.   The words inspired a play.  

What Readers say:

Susan S  review Oct 02, 2013

it was amazing
Read in September, 2013
The book lives up to expectations. Having lost loved ones over the years, I found several of the writings to take me back to the pain and sorrow of the past and understanding how necessary it really is to utilize those emotions to move on. It is something I will keep close by to read again.


5 out of 5 stars The Loss World

By joanie G  on April 1, 2014 (Amazon.com)

Personal reflections of true love and dealing with the loss of a worldly partner... Dealing with the healing over time... Providing hope for a life after separation in this earthly plane with emotional insight...


5. out of 5 stars  This is a Must Read!

By Linda B on October 15, 2013 (Amazon.com)                   

I sat and read this book in one sitting. Anyone who's lost a loved one will see themselves on these pages and will smile and will cry as you read on. You need a box of tissues nearby.Anyone lucky enough to not have lost someone close will still want to read this because as we read we are presented with a message of love and peace and hope.
Mary London Szpara writes for every human,whether man or woman.The feelings of loss are the same but personal to each of us. Ms.Szpara definately touches the soul.
I think she is extremely brave to bare herself to the world.But what she has written will help bring peace to so many who are in need of peace.
Oprah--this is a writer you need to talk to. Are you listening

Reviews of the Play

 "I wanted to thank you again for your beautiful storytelling, your courage to share your love and heartache and your unending trust in the cast and belief that others would relate and heal from the show. I keep comparing the show to The Vagina Monologues because it's both funny and serious and has the potential to grow and be performed in many cities because SO many people can relate"   ~ Hannah, Charlotte, NC

"It breaks down your barriers...it's hard to keep up your guard.  It's very powerful. " ~Linda,  Charlotte, NC

"Powerful.  Definitely moving" ~ Derek,  New York, NY

"that was phenomenal" ~ Rick, Charlotte, NC

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